First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


My word your word is a blog i am starting with the hope that i get to share my thoughts with someone who needs a friend ,some comfort,strength to go on and a platform to just be ourselves through sharing ideas and experiences.just finding that someone who understand what you are going through gives relief to a troubled heart or a demotivated person.i find it soothing to say my thoughts out loud and having that shoulder to lean on when you need to be comforted.

its not everyday that you find someone who is willing to listen to you or spend a moment just to share an idea.i believe strangers can be friends and through words we can be one and bound to connect with our experiences and that connection we share through words can be a life changing factor to any of us.

My word your word is a journey we are taking together through all life experiences and the unseen that lay ahead of us with the hope that as people we create bonds of love with our heart warming words.

like a beautiful castle will have words that build a dream and everyone wants to be in it or have that experience to have been there and have a touching impact in one’s life. (words inspired by the picture)

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