Meet me

20150830_121723There is always that first impression that you get or give when you meet people for the first time.most people are always quick to judge before knowing anything about someone it all depends on the circumstances you meet or the environment you grew up from.

I remember some people telling me how they perceived me before they got to know me better.its always interesting most of the times its always negative especially when its girls and the opposite when its boys.whatever the case may be this gave me food for thought  on how I behave when i am around people or when i am not even aware if other people are paying attention to me.

Anyway I have been the same to other people i look at them with a judging eye,we do not give each other time to express ourselves or to adjust when we cross many cases we have lost people who could have been good friends to us or partners in other parts of our lives.we have created a virus which spread like fire once we put a mark on someone we make sure it sticks very well.

However to cut the long trend or tradition short I am introducing myself the way i know myself.Born in Zimbabwe in the suburbs of Harare and now pursuing a career in journalism Ankara,Turkey i am nothing but a lady  who try by all means to find a positive vibe in everything.I love surrounding myself with fun-loving people i am a believer in family bonding i want to be with  my friends when travelling and just having that story telling moments.

İ believe I am ever smiling and my first impression you get from me when you meet me for the first time is quite,shy,pompous according to other people but hey i am none of those if you get to know me i am more like that girl next door who enjoy life,laughs a lot and a loyal friend.


4 thoughts on “Meet me

  1. What a great post.
    I remember my first impression about you and how very wrong I was.
    I thought you were that kind of person I may never be friends with but now I can say you are one of my bestest friends.
    Sometimes first impressions have so much to do with us rather than the person we are judging.

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