That kind of love

Sometimes it feels like life is playing a trick on us.There are things that happen and we wonder why it happens or why we experience certain things in took me a long time to realize in every situation there is a blessing or a lesson in it.

Personally i am someone who is family oriented i want to keep my relationships strong and want them to last like forever but well its not always the case because so many factors beyond our control keeps people apart.There are cases about distance,misunderstandings,growing apart or just boredom.All human relationships are bound to break or end at some point it takes a few strong hearted to keep it going.

Some may think well today she is talking about boy/girl relationship its everywhere  it happens heartbreak and stuff but no i have a better story to tell.

I remember vividly the memories of a girl i saw when i visited my friend’s place when i was a junior in high school.she had just moved in with her family from another city.she was a bit shy looking then, with a pretty face we just greeted and continued with our businesses.Fast foward we later become friends she attended our school as well.

There is power in friendships that creates sisterhood.i gained a friend that i never imagined i could ever have.wWherever i was you were sure to find her.Everyone could think we were real sisters we loved each other we shared our everything and sometimes we could even copy behave the same due to being together all the time.She was my rock my confidant my favourite being too.

Thats why i said before life plays tricks on us sometimes.You cant believe our simple usual goodbye when i visited my village home was our last time together.As usual i came back from the holiday after a month put my bags down ,ran out of the house and went straight to her house with a happy face.Only to be disappointed at the doorstep  someone telling me they left.

Heartbroken i was but time they say is a healer of all wounds i got better but i never forgot.Our only source of communication was through prayers only God knows how i prayed for her in my heart i wished each passing day if we could get a chance to communicate.

But i tell you this every platform online i had access to i searched for her name only to get lucky after 5 years of searching i was in contact with her younger brother who gave me her details.I

 had never been happy before than that day the feeling of rekindling the flame of friendship at last we said’hello’.
Anyway i am still waiting to see her again at the moment we living in different countries but soon will fulfill our friendship goals forever and for always.


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