Rose and thorns

Its not everyone who is born with a silver spoon in their mouth,some of us needs to struggle through to get a good life.We do not chose in which family to be born into or in which circumstances but its all well as long as you have the drive to be what you need to be.

One thing is certain in life we were all given the abilities to change our destinies.The ways and means may differ but your will gotta be stronger than nothing else to make it in this life.Most people they lose their opportunities or ways trying to be someone else if you follow someone else’s dreams when they reach their destiny its only you who will get stuck nowhere i suppose.Choose to be different be creative and think outside the box.Sometimes being average is good enough rather than trying to be the best that you can’t be.

The struggles we face in life are there to strengthen our will and push us further in life.If you get comfortable you lose the will to be better you need to be shaken sometimes so as to deepen your roots.We can’t deny the fact that others are lucky enough to be getting it all easy but if you are not one of those just accept the difficults, the struggles, the rejections and the disappointments you face everyday and move on.But remember the real fighters are those who takes on the challenge and persevere nomatter what,its not winning you need at the end of the day but its the lesson you learn from that struggle that will change your life for the better.

Most beautiful things they are natured to become what they are.Like a beautiful rose that shines and grow amoung the thorns be that person that struggles through life to standout.Decide what you want from life because your destiny is what you choose it to be.


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