You can drift but remember to return.

When everything is going well with you you tend to be too comfortable and forget your purpose.We are comfortable in doing the wrong things and only realise it when the tables have turned.

Sometimes you feel you are too deep to go back,you ignore the signs and finally you give up on yourself.But thankfully there is that inner voice nomatter what your beliefs are that tells you come back you can still be saved.Even if you fight it there is that higher call that awaits for our repentance a force to rekon.He never give up he fights for us and he endlessly welcomes us nomatter how huge the burdens we carry.He is the almight the creator of heavens and earth the giver and taker of lives.The love that never disappoints.

We drift away from right things,slowly we get carried away floating in our own misery but when the calling comes don’t ignore it because there is more happiness when you taste the sweetness of God’s forgiviness.

You can drift for a while but don’t get to the point of no return trust your instincts you will never go wrong, when your heart receive that calmness you fear not and you get your life back on track again,then you know you have been saved.


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