Every moment counts

Sometimes i spend my time just thinking of how my life could have been different at a certain point in time. In every chapter of my life each page represents something that make me who i am today.

What if maybe some years ago i had taken a different route will my life be the same as today ,but no i like to believe that every moment or phase in my life brought so much that made me a better person.Not to say i am perfect or i have reached the core of life rather i am just ok to be the me of today.

There is so much i want to do in life,i have not even started as yet.Not to talk of castles i have build with my imagination. But we cant just let dreams be dreams we have to act upon them and live them.The present chapter of my life made me realize how far i have come, so much growth have happened during the years but nothing i would like to take away,be it the struggles nor the precious moments.

What matters for me today is looking foward to my future ,stepping on each stone one by one without fearing the unseen.How could we have lived if fear lived in us,life is a story made by the owner through shaping it to fit your standard.

Refuse to be defined by the society,live a life that can be remembered for how real it was and never live to regret a moment.For every second makes a minute so as every page of your life creates a book.


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