Education expectations

In every stage of our lives we find ourselves thinking about the future more than the present.we ask questions like will i be able to reach certain goals or what will my life be like at a certain time.

I remember when i started grade one i wanted to reach grade seven then when i was in grade seven wanted to pass form four when in form four wanted to finish A’levels then wanted to graduate at university.In every stage i wanted more than i had i wanted something better and i wanted more success.

We were always told well the next level you going is tough,not many could achieve it but surprisingly when i reached that level it became normal, like the previous level we conquered.

In all this i learnt an important lesson its not about how hard its gonna be but how you gonna live that present positively and normalize every situation and enjoy everything about it.once time has passed there is no reverse so as not to have regrets you might as well enjoy the ride.

A day prior to my graduation i calculated all the years i spent at school and asked myself now that the day has come have i achieved something to show for it?and my answer was simply yes my life is a reflection of all i have learnt all these years.

Education is not only about reading books and getting good grades its about creating an individual representing something to achieve something.graduating from university is a symbol of hardwork,committment,as well as personal growth.Not many reach the finishing line some give up and others loose hope,only the strongest wins the race.

From start to end we face challenges we get discouraged we feel weak we fail we fall but what’s important we lift ourselves up and rise again that’s the spirit of a fighter and a winner.Never quit but rise to be a star and gracefully receive your honour and throw the graduation cap higher.


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