Can’t wait…

​Is it in pretty woman,is it in love don’t cost a thing,is it in titanic.I see myself in all these movies.I don’t want love to be perfect i don’t want to be the main character.All i want is to be is the one.It is commitment, it is forgiveness, it is concern it is that feeling of appreciation.Was i asking for too much hell to the no,was i giving less than i should another damn no.But who are you to cause so much heartache, why should i be the one to forgive all the time.Can’t love be reciprocated.Enough is enough next time i should be the one in your shoes.I should be the one causing heartache ,i should be asking for forgiviness, i should be given so many chances to repeat same mistakes ,i should be that girl being loved despite all her faults.I can’t wait to be the one in your shoes.


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