First can’t be the end

First encounters are always life changing experiences.They only differ with the end results.Be it school,relationships,work or any other life experiment.

You think you know it all, you got it figured out,thats why its all new the feeling is different, of course its something worth appreciating later in life or regretting but its never easy to get over it.

Remember you could be so much in love that you don’t see past that love.You close all doors for more you cling to that one thing and never see any flaws in it.

You passionately surrender your whole being and invest all your feelings in that particular time.You can only imagine when it all come to an end.Its not something you can avoid, passing through that experience is a requirement to a successful tomorrow.

Days,months even years may pass before you get over it but when you eventually do its all worthy the climb.who would have known the first is not always the best.

One thing is certain its not life until it dies and resurrect.You need to break the shell to be stronger,for every pit fall there is a break through.


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