Through the eyes of an African.

Before i travelled abroad i had a certain perspective about a lot of things.Mostly my knowledge of things was based on what i had heard from people and what i sometimes watched on television.Most people find themselves in the same situation as they depend on media giving them the information they think they need.

Media platforms are basically meant to provide information and current events taking place all over the world.Unfortunately these platforms have been abused by people with their own agendas which are not really beneficial to the general public.

I was really perplexed by the numbers  of people i met who had no knowledge at all about things that happen around the world.Mostly i was disappointed by the information they had about the African continent.As shocking as it was i couldn’t blame the people because all this information they had consumed from the media platforms was the truth they knew.

In every place there are good and bad things that happens but we can’t be focusing on the negative side of things all the time without looking at the positive side as well .I believe it is every individual’s responsibility to make sure they spread the right information for the benefit of others.

The Africa that  most people know is not really the Africa i know as an African.People have been hearing about Africa from outsider’s view.If you want to know about Africa you can experience it through the African perspective without being altered or distorted.who can say it better than the person who have experienced the culture,the love and the warmth of the African soils.

Change is what we are looking for as Africans, don’t tell our story for us we are capable ,don’t misguide those who are eager to experience the goodness in others.Africa isn’t all poverty,diseases and any other continent we have the bad and the good.We just need to look beyond what others think of us and start representing what others should know about us.


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