Make the world a better place.

From all the experiences i have had with different people it has dawned on me that almost everyone have the sense of belonging.Everyone wants to be affiliated to a certain group,clan or nationality.This feeling that we are born with instead of just identifying us as humans with different taste,beliefs,race or gender have become weapons to destroy humanity.

Why is the next person feel threatened by their neighbour,countrymate,partners or friends.Do we have to live in fear as we witness the horrors that the world is facing today.Why can’t we live in peace and harmony.The world is too big a place to accomodate everyone.But the human race have become nothing but greedy and evil.

One thing we need first and foremost is the love of God.If you love God you will respect his creation and you will love others not to hurt them in any way.If we learn to share the little  we have we will find satisfaction in giving than taking.Treating each other as equals paves way to equal distrubution of resourses and everything can be enough for everyone.

For those you look down upon if we can create opportunities for them you will realize they can contrubute much to the development of a nation rather than isolating them and making them feel useless.

As humans we should know every life matters and it is the nature of humans to be a pillar for each other not a weapon to destroy ourselves.If we let go of our greedy we will live in peace and prosper as a human race.


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