New graduates struggles.

Every year we see people moving from a certain phase of their lives to the next with the hope of making it big or better.Unfortunately the case is not satisfactory to everyone’s expectations.As graduates and graduates are produced each year they face many challenges moving on to what i can sincerely call a much comfortable time as your life is probably planned for the 4 years you spend at university.
Unlike the world of job hunting university time is spent focused on attaining your degree at the end of the 4year course.wWith a timetable well planned for you and easy to follow and the results that are to some point are certain to be satisfactory.

I am one of those people who had ideologies installed in my head that jobs are hard to come by these days unless you are well connected or you come from a family with businesses set already for you,you will struggle endlessly to get that job you always dreamt of.

With a degree in my hand i find myself not knowing were to start to look from to get a job.I spend hours online trying to figure out which company can probably hire me but usually get disappointed with the expectations they have for a new graduate.Where in the world would i get that 2 or more years of experience they are asking for.Who will employ me when all they want is a proof of successful projects i have done previously.Come to think of it i am just a newbie with nothing much on record but a paper to prove i can make a difference once i set my mind to do something.

Even if i think of starting my own business its not that easy as i will be in need of a loan or capital to kick me off.But all these have over whelming conditions that i can’t probably meet as a new graduate.

All that is left for us is to keep applying and hoping someday a miracle will happen and you get called for an interview and you are given a chance to prove your worthy or start a small business that you are not qualified to do ,but just to make ends meet you end up trying it anyway.Like all those who made it already we young graduates still waiting for a chance to come by too.


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