Pursuit of happiness

Oftenly we fail to ask ourselves what really matters in our lives.We tend to follow what the society norms are and this shapes our lives most of the times.Don’t get me wrong some norms are helpful to maintain peace and prosperity somehow.However one has to reflect on own’s life and see whats good and what’s best for oneself.

A great society is made of individuals who are strong enough to stand for who they are and represent their lives in a way that sets an impact to others.In variety we find a sense of belonging as well as differences that connects individuals without breaking the bond of togetherness.

When you put yourself in a position of competing with others be it their dreams or way of life,you lose yourself in the process and forget your own dreams.Too busy focusing on wrong things in life makes it difficult for many to be happy.One wonders why things aren’t the same as the next person,its not as if you ain’t doing it right but missing the point that its not the reflection of who you are.

Sometimes the money you are busy searching for isn’t what you need as a person maybe its love,family,alone time or just being you.You spend your time thinking how is that person better than me,every individual is unique in their own way that makes it difficult for all to do the same thing and succeed the same way.

Most people we lack patience we rush things without considering factors surrounding us.We just assume the time is now to do certain things,we don’t find time to see if its good for us or if something is worthy pursuing.

Competing with others strengthens our motives but its much greater and benefiacial when you compete with oneself.Striving to better youself each day makes you a better individual.You won’t be trying to please or surpass anybody which by the way is very stressful.If i want to do better than what i did yesterday it makes it more appealing and shows self respect.That means focusing on right things for the right reasons.

Happiness is obtained when you stop focusing much on what others are doing but rather start appreciating what you have.Dividing your attention for yourself and the next person won’t do you any good.When you make yourself better and happy you are sure to to make someone else happy too.Its time to stop obsessing on other peoples lives and give ourselves that self appreciation that we are worthy competing with.


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