It is our responsibility as a society to make our children better citizens of tomorrow.As it is said it takes a village to raise a child it can as well take a village to destroy another .Not only are we obliged to be responsible for them but pave way for them to reach their goals.Remember your neighbour’s child is also your child too.

Within your eyes i see the pain you succumbed from societal negligence.   What could you have done to be different today.                                                              You should have received love and guidance but no one was there to show you the way.                                                  You were left wondering all and about without direction.They had expectations for you yet they did not pave the way.  They didn’t ask what you enjoyed doing, they had no interest to what was important to you.                                             If only they had observed and understood you, today would have been different. Today they point fingers at you yet they forget what made you be.                                 Should there have been that extra care today would be a different story.              You are a result of negligence.                         If only they had been attentive ,today you wouldn’t be a problem to their society. They failed you.


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