Dream it,live it.

It might not be realistic to dream of a world were people are equal and enjoying the same benefits without discriminating or taking advantage of each other.But maybe we can create an environment were everyone may be comfortable.From what we have witnessed to this day it may not be easy to reach a comfortable status for everyone but we can at least try to be more human and more considerate to each other.

Utopian it may seem, but who knows what can happen if we make efforts.Power is the top weapon that have destroyed many,started wars,caused hunger and created enermity among the human race.Trying to be at the top of everyone has made countries,people and individuals to never draw lines on how bad they can be.if your conscience does not tell you the badness you have caused so what can really change a human to have ethics and morals.

We are busy chasing never ending pursuits because we are focusing more on our greedy rather than on the happiness of others.There is no way one person can take all and live a happy ever after.Selfishness leads to misery and once we humans learn the principle of life that sharing is caring we will never go wrong in all our life endevours.

The world is full of problems but we struggle through them to overcome them.its a matter of reminding ourselves that life is too short to live causing pain to others but rather lets spend it together in harmony and spread the spirit of togetherness.


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