Who are we

If we are to ask ourselves how much of us makes us who we are today we might find out that a whole bunch of people identify themselves with the expectations of a society.Individuality has lost its meaning in the sense that there are borders and lines which we conform to according to what others or certain higher ups expect of us.

In case of identifying beauty the situation evolves according to certain time and place.The knowledge that we are exposed to everyday becomes our reality.There was a time when slim and slender was expected for every beautiful woman.This time its thick and light who knows next whats going to be trending.If we continue to identify ourselves as expected by individuals or organizations profiting from these changes to what exactly are we going to expose our bodies to.

If we can’t be people who think for ourselves we will always go were the wind takes us.it might be ok to a certain extent to be doing things that everyone is doing but we should be able to ask ourselves is this all we are worthy.

Every individual have certain traits that represent who they are but when we give up on them then we lose our identity trying to impress or be identified as part of a trending society.

If we were not afraid to stand on our own and stick to our principles our societies would be much better in terms of reserving our cultural heritage and individuality freedom.


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