Unexpected path

When growing up as a child i had dreams,i aspired to have a great life,i had plans and in a way i figured out how the process should be.But thinking about it now i realized it doesn’t have to be the way we want it all the time.I believe there is a path written for us by our creator a path that grooms us,build us and strengthen us as well.

So many times we find ourselves questioning why certain things happen to our lives.Sometimes we cry,worry,complain about our situations but i believe all things come to pass with the grace of God.Taking time to understand and appreciate your struggles gives you an upper hand not to live your life competing to finish things as soon as possible.

You might start school,work,career at the same time with others but it doesn’t mean you will develop or succeed at the same time and speed.Just doing the best you can in everything will give you the results you deserve at the end of the day.There is no need to speed up your life to catch up with everyone else.

At the end of the journey the first might be the last.Patience is a requirement to all so as to see every situation with proper analysis.As i get older i appreciate my path nevertheless i had different plans at first but unexpectedly with a different path i gained much better than i would have had.

Patiently i will take my next step not worrying about who is starting with me and how the results should be.i am living each day learning and grooming myself to be a better me and acknowledge others as i climb up the ladder.For it is never less important to get as much knowledge as you can and live a path with the unknown adventures ahead.


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