Home coming!

In this life we get attached to things that we are familiar with or things that makes an impact in our lives as we live each day.its always a big step to move from one place to another or closing a new chapter in one’s life to open another one.As humans we are emotional beings who struggle through this process even though what awaits ahead is much better than before.

As i get excited to return home were my people missed me for the past five years i also feel sad to be parting away from the bond i had created with people i have been with for the past five years.They always say home is were your heart is so i believe i now have two homes,the one im leaving and the one im going to.

As much as im excited to go home i have so much appreciation of the love i have received from friends who had become family.its not an easy thing to live in a foreign land without an relative next to you.However im so much grateful my life in Turkey have been filled with so much joy and wherever i go those memories will never fade. 

Happy moments are never forgotten,friends and family are created through the course of life.wherever we are a home can be made,for love is what makes a home.


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