Embrace the sunshine

Beautiful things are those that gives a lasting impression.Beauty to me means a lot of things, i can think of a million things that i can say they are beautiful.In a world were we find beautiful things how is it possible that most times the tiny ugliness of certain things can wash away the beauty of many things.

Today as i watched the sunshine i felt peace and i embraced the beauty of nature.I remember sometimes when i was abroad i could miss the feeling of sitting on a mat outside our home sun bathing myself.Only the people who have experienced this kind of feeling can understand what i am talking about.

Its not something you can buy with money its not moments that you can reverse its the absolutely ultimate feeling you will cherish when you remember home.

When we talk of the sense of belonging the small things that happens to us the feelings we share as friends and family.It takes one story to blast into laughter as you do things you understand as well as you say things without thinking much about them.

No matter were you are at who you are with or how a comfotable life you think you have, nothing can beat the feeling you feel when you are home with your loved ones.Family is the struggle the fights the laughter and the never ending emotions you go through together.

With all what its worthy wherever you are enjoy the sunshine because you never know when you will miss it.


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