Be satisfied

We are all in search of better things in life the only difference is what we are searching for.Our search will never end because once you get what you wanted before ,you will still want more or something else.When we realize all we need is a little satisfaction from what we have we will never lack.

When you are living your life don’t put much effort looking at those who are above you,it is much better to look at those who are below you and you will learn to appreciate what you have.

When you have more than enough you tend to ignore the importance of what you really need and put focus on things that are never satisfactory to your eye.

To enjoy life better learn to share whatever little you have and when you share you will never lack.There is so much happiness in giving than receiving.You can’t always be that person who need aid from others.If it becomes a habit it will make you a beggar all your life.

Being poor or rich should not determine your happiness.Whatever condition you are in its you who chooses to be happy or not.Learn to appreciate and to be thankful always then you will never be envious of other people’s joy.

We are what we choose to be and we are responsible for our actions so never blame others for what you can control.


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