If we were all seers

My heart aches of a pain deep within,its not a pain of grief but a pain dropped as a seed.A seed which finds its way up through life events that made it grow into a plant.tried so many times to destroy it but with no hope it keeps on sprouting.once you plant a seed of doubt,mistrust,fear its rooted deep within.only after a while will you realise there is no hope or rather you ask is there a ray of hope.How to fight these negative energy depends on the surroundings.if negativity keeps piling up what other way is there for positivity to take over.The simple things we make fun of might be the distributors of long term sadness.if we could all see beyond pain,doubt and mistrust we could all be happy and make better judgements.But no the road of life is full of surprises,nothing comes as expected.Rather we wait and overcome each obstacles as they come.wish they could be other ways but the reality of it all, its never a success story until you have a testimony.


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