First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


My word your word is a blog i am starting with the hope that i get to share my thoughts with someone who needs a friend ,some comfort,strength to go on and a platform to just be ourselves through sharing ideas and experiences.just finding that someone who understand what you are going through gives relief to a troubled heart or a demotivated person.i find it soothing to say my thoughts out loud and having that shoulder to lean on when you need to be comforted.

its not everyday that you find someone who is willing to listen to you or spend a moment just to share an idea.i believe strangers can be friends and through words we can be one and bound to connect with our experiences and that connection we share through words can be a life changing factor to any of us.

My word your word is a journey we are taking together through all life experiences and the unseen that lay ahead of us with the hope that as people we create bonds of love with our heart warming words.

like a beautiful castle will have words that build a dream and everyone wants to be in it or have that experience to have been there and have a touching impact in one’s life. (words inspired by the picture)

Write your story

Recently i have been thinking a lot,i mean there is so much that needs to be done in every area of my life.sometimes i feel like I’m in the middle of a jungle and i have no idea which way to take.this usually happens to many of us at a certain phase in life.i guess for me i can say this is that moment.

It seems there are many opportunities for me to take however this might be a challenge as i get afraid and start asking myself is this the best path for me or is it the best choice to many times we see people regretting on what could their lives be if they had chosen plan a or plan b.

One thing i have come to realise is its never a success story until you take risk and be the writer of your own story.once you take a first step in doing what you love most even if it doesn’t pay the bills you will at the end realize it was worthy the wait.

Nomatter what i choose to be or to do i won’t let the wind pull me in all directions.i will stand firm to what i believe i can be better than anything rules my game and the master player in defining the end which will be worthy the wait.

If we were all seers

My heart aches of a pain deep within,its not a pain of grief but a pain dropped as a seed.A seed which finds its way up through life events that made it grow into a plant.tried so many times to destroy it but with no hope it keeps on sprouting.once you plant a seed of doubt,mistrust,fear its rooted deep within.only after a while will you realise there is no hope or rather you ask is there a ray of hope.How to fight these negative energy depends on the surroundings.if negativity keeps piling up what other way is there for positivity to take over.The simple things we make fun of might be the distributors of long term sadness.if we could all see beyond pain,doubt and mistrust we could all be happy and make better judgements.But no the road of life is full of surprises,nothing comes as expected.Rather we wait and overcome each obstacles as they come.wish they could be other ways but the reality of it all, its never a success story until you have a testimony.

Stretching your boundaries

Unexpectedly we find ourselves in situations that we never imagined coming across with or finding ourselves in the process of finding a way out in those situations you learn much about yourself and things you are also capable of.

Many people never knew their strongest points or weaknesses until the day they get pushed to the corner.sometimes its necessary to be in trouble to face difficulties and stretch our boundaries to see how strong we can be.

Giving up has been a way for many people when things get tough or when they don’t want to face situations.if you give yourself time to understand things and evaluate all possibilities you will come to realize that sometimes we make life difficult for ourselves were its not necessary.

In every situation try your best to relate how you would have wanted the best results to your favour.things that happens to us is not always coincidental but rather an opportunity for us to discover the best we can ever be.

Be satisfied

We are all in search of better things in life the only difference is what we are searching for.Our search will never end because once you get what you wanted before ,you will still want more or something else.When we realize all we need is a little satisfaction from what we have we will never lack.

When you are living your life don’t put much effort looking at those who are above you,it is much better to look at those who are below you and you will learn to appreciate what you have.

When you have more than enough you tend to ignore the importance of what you really need and put focus on things that are never satisfactory to your eye.

To enjoy life better learn to share whatever little you have and when you share you will never lack.There is so much happiness in giving than receiving.You can’t always be that person who need aid from others.If it becomes a habit it will make you a beggar all your life.

Being poor or rich should not determine your happiness.Whatever condition you are in its you who chooses to be happy or not.Learn to appreciate and to be thankful always then you will never be envious of other people’s joy.

We are what we choose to be and we are responsible for our actions so never blame others for what you can control.

Embrace the sunshine

Beautiful things are those that gives a lasting impression.Beauty to me means a lot of things, i can think of a million things that i can say they are beautiful.In a world were we find beautiful things how is it possible that most times the tiny ugliness of certain things can wash away the beauty of many things.

Today as i watched the sunshine i felt peace and i embraced the beauty of nature.I remember sometimes when i was abroad i could miss the feeling of sitting on a mat outside our home sun bathing myself.Only the people who have experienced this kind of feeling can understand what i am talking about.

Its not something you can buy with money its not moments that you can reverse its the absolutely ultimate feeling you will cherish when you remember home.

When we talk of the sense of belonging the small things that happens to us the feelings we share as friends and family.It takes one story to blast into laughter as you do things you understand as well as you say things without thinking much about them.

No matter were you are at who you are with or how a comfotable life you think you have, nothing can beat the feeling you feel when you are home with your loved ones.Family is the struggle the fights the laughter and the never ending emotions you go through together.

With all what its worthy wherever you are enjoy the sunshine because you never know when you will miss it.


When opportunities knocks at your door don’t be too greedy to grab everything, in the process you might end up losing everything.It takes one who is determined to realize whats good and whats best.

First things first no matter which department you venture into there is always an opportunity to achieve greatness.We can’t all be focusing on one goal and following the same path, the more we realize that we are all capable of making an impact the better for us to reach our targets and goals.

Once you start believing in what you do you can notice a change in the way you have been taking care of your businesses.Success is in the palm of your hands if you allow yourself to be challenged and take risks.It can’t all be smooth and easy going as you partake a career.To be stronger you at least need to be shaken.

Sometimes a straight path isn’t always the right one for you,so you don’t need to fear potholes,corners,roadblocks and other barriers along the way.Just remember its never easy for a warrior to attain the title it takes strong will,perseverence and patience to be what you really need to be.

Home coming!

In this life we get attached to things that we are familiar with or things that makes an impact in our lives as we live each day.its always a big step to move from one place to another or closing a new chapter in one’s life to open another one.As humans we are emotional beings who struggle through this process even though what awaits ahead is much better than before.

As i get excited to return home were my people missed me for the past five years i also feel sad to be parting away from the bond i had created with people i have been with for the past five years.They always say home is were your heart is so i believe i now have two homes,the one im leaving and the one im going to.

As much as im excited to go home i have so much appreciation of the love i have received from friends who had become family.its not an easy thing to live in a foreign land without an relative next to you.However im so much grateful my life in Turkey have been filled with so much joy and wherever i go those memories will never fade. 

Happy moments are never forgotten,friends and family are created through the course of life.wherever we are a home can be made,for love is what makes a home.