First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

My word your word is a blog i am starting with the hope that i get to share my thoughts with someone who needs a friend ,some comfort,strength to go on and a platform to just be ourselves through sharing ideas and experiences.just finding that someone who understand what you are going through gives relief to a troubled heart or a demotivated person.i find it soothing to say my thoughts out loud and having that shoulder to lean on when you need to be comforted.

its not everyday that you find someone who is willing to listen to you or spend a moment just to share an idea.i believe strangers can be friends and through words we can be one and bound to connect with our experiences and that connection we share through words can be a life changing factor to any of us.

My word your word is a journey we are taking together through all life experiences and the unseen that lay ahead of us with the hope that as people we create bonds of love with our heart warming words.

like a beautiful castle will have words that build a dream and everyone wants to be in it or have that experience to have been there and have a touching impact in one’s life. (words inspired by the picture)


Uproot the roots

İn as much as you want to keep sane,it is very important to clear your closet.if you don’t take your time to find a day or a moment to analize which direction your life is going or how your personal being is doing you will find out too late that all you have been doing is collecting and keeping gabbage .

Once in a while reflect on your life decisions,committments as well as can’t just live a life filled with misery just because you keep pulling & dragging all the dirty with you.

When you have had enough you will not wait on anyone to tell you it’s time to dust yourself & your closet you will throw away all the rags,you will replace the worn out clothes with the new ones ,you will hang your clothes in an orderly manner & you will leave some space for your clothes to be free.

As much as you want to be Happy you will priorities you .you will be the 1st in everything & you will have all the love in the world & no-one will say or do anything that will affect you negatively without giving permission to it.

Don’t you dare ask for permission to clear your closet!


Have you ever been in a place of so much discomfort? A place where you feel unwanted,a place you feel that you do not belong.

To most people it’s a very familiar feeling & it usually comes to the best of us.There are certain expectations the society sets towards certain people or individuals,to tell the truth they are unrealistic.There are some people when they say they are sick,broke or unhappy people will not believe them.These are the kind of people who fall mostly in the category of depression. There are times when they need the support of their friends & family or a few comforting words but because the society see them as “have it all”they don’t get the support they need.

As much as we are all human we experience all types of feelings from being sad to being happy,overwhelmed & exciting moments as well.Its very important to have a supportive circle which supports you whenever you are high or low.A listening ear & a shoulder to cry on is always a bonus to every individual when they experience whatever life crisis.

Let’s be mindful of our surroundings and support those in need of our comfort & love.lets be kind to one another 😘✌️

When is it enough

There is a point in life where you need to set the boundaries.You take & take any form of BS until u have had enough.You don’t need a soothe sayer to tell you that you can’t take no more,only then will you realise it’s your breaking point.Dont let any situation break you but be bold & take on whatever situation you going through and stand your ground.its never too late to start over,tomorrow is another day..

I lived a lie

Even as I’m typing this I don’t know how much truth I have lived.have you ever felt like you reached the end of a tunnel & even when you want to turn back all you see is darkness.Maybe it’s the choices we made unknowingly that made us live a life that was never meant to be ours.its one thing to live a lie and its another to believe in a one wonders which truth can we live to see through or it will forever remain a lie.

My wishful thinking

In my mind I have this vision,I find myself a perfect picture life.i escape my reality with my wishful thinking.The positive thoughts I have create an energy that excites me.To a faraway land I wonder hoping to soothe my soul.without any distractions I fulfill my dreams,unknown to many I live a satisfying dream where every wish is has become a habit of mine to take a walk to this wonderland away from this problematic world. Like my wishes I wish for a never ending dream.

Emotional damage

It starts with a dream,a dream to be better & everyone else each day passes with the hope of living your time passes by you forget what’s important ,what real and what’s acceptable .if you ain’t careful you even lose your mind.slowly but sure they strip you off of your dignity, unaware of it you ignore the red flags,eventually you reach the point of no return.possibly when you are stripped of your being you ain’t aware that nothing is left of you,what remains is the shell that represent the version of you they created.The inner you knows something ain’t right but it’s suppressed & possibly suffocates you.How then do you get yourself back,it’s nearly impossible if the inner you fail to push harder to free itself.only a few survive the damage and believe me it’s not easy to get the power of being yourself back,only those with the fighting spirit can survive the battle. In an emotional spiral like a roller coaster it takes you up then down,in that moment it’s either you stand or you fall.filled with emotions of regret you only have yourself to ask yourself how did I allow this to happen and at the end of it all only the survivors live to tell the dream.